Modified Menu

No-Contact Curbside Pick-up

Keeping Safe: Our staff will be wearing gloves and masks, keeping us all safe. We are asking for no customers inside the restaurant and for a 6-foot buffer between you and our staff

Procedures for ordering pickup:

  1. Review our new menu below
  2. Call in your order to 904-310-6821 or Alternatively 904-624-5896
  3. Pull up to the designated parking spaces in front of the restaurant with the baskets/wooden crates
  4. A staff member will place your order in a basket/crate on the table in front of your car
  5. Retrieve your order (please leave our baskets)
  6. Enjoy, Repeat
  7. Please tell others we are open. Thank you!


Bistro Shrimp – 10.00

Lightly breaded shrimp fried to a crisp, golden brown and topped with fresh parmesan and parsley. Served with a sweet chili sauce on the side

Calamari – 11.00

Lightly fried tender calamari served with our house marinara and sweet chili sauce

Pesto Caprese Stack – 10.00

Mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, and basil leaves stacked and drizzled with our famous homemade pesto and a balsamic reduction

Soup and Salads:

New England style Clam Chowder

  • Cup: 6.00
  • Bowl: 8.00
  • Quart: 15.00
  • Half-Gallon: 28.00
  • Gallon: 54.00

White Bean and Kale Soup

Classic white bean and kale soup made with the freshest of kale, cannellini beans, tomatoes, and sweet Italian sausage (also served vegetarian style)

  • Cup: 6.00
  • Bowl: 8.00
  • Quart: 15.00
  • Half-Gallon: 28.00
  • Gallon: 54.00

House Salad – 6.00 / 11.00

Mixed greens, carrots, grape tomatoes, and purple onions

Caesar Salad – 6.00 / 11.00

Crispy romaine lettuce, croutons, and parmesan cheese

Bistro Salad – 7.00 / 12.00

Mixed greens, cranberries, candied pecans, and gorgonzola cheese

Brie and Apple Salad – 11.00

Mixed greens, candied pecans, brie cheese and apples

Optional Addons for Salads

Price of addon is added to price of chosen salad. grilled chicken 3.00, salmon 4.00, shrimp 5.00, filet mignon 10.00

Chef’s Corner Summer 2020:

Eggplant Parmesan – 18.00

Deliciously breaded eggplant layered between marinara sauce and a host of Italian cheeses

Lobster Ravioli Fresca – 28.00

Topped with shrimp and crab; A tasty Summer dish with a light sauce

Creamy Pesto Alfredo – 18.00

Our homemade alfredo and pesto tossed with fettuccine noodles. Add chicken for 5.00, or add shrimp for 8.00 more

Roasted Lamb Chops – 35.00

Seasoned with fresh rosemary and garlic, surrounded by a flavorful hill of curry rice with buttery asparagus

Grilled Citrus Mahi Mahi – 26.00

With a sweet citrus ginger sauce, served with our melt-in-your-mouth creamed spinach and a smooth cloud of garlic mashed potatoes


Penne Rustica – 24.00

Grilled chicken and shrimp in our rosemary cream sauce, fresh spinach, portabella mushrooms and fresh mozzarella baked over penne pasta

Local’s Parmesan 18.00 / 21.00

Your choice of chicken or shrimp lightly breaded pan fried or grilled served over linguine pasta with our Signature Marinara sauce

Fettuccine Alfredo – 17.00

Fresh made alfredo sauce, aged parmesan and sweet peas, an Italian classic. Add chicken 4.00, salmon 6.00, shrimp 7.00, or grouper 8.00

Piccatta – 21.00 / 26.00

Your choice of chicken or veal lightly pan fried in a lemon butter white wine sauce with capers served over linguine pasta

Spaghetti – 15.00

With our Signature Marinara. Add bolognese, meatballs, or Italian sausage for 3.00 more

Homemade Lasagna – 18.00

Our Signature marinara and meat sauce full of zesty Italian herbs, made with mozzarella, real ricotta, and aged parmesan cheese

American Style Spaghetti Carbonara – 18.00

Creamy white sauce topped with crispy bacon and freshly grated parmesan cheese. Add chicken 4.00, salmon 6.00, shrimp 7.00, or grouper 8.00


Greek Chicken or Grouper Orzo – 24/28

pictured with fried grouper

Perfectly seasoned lemon chicken or Grouper, resting on a mixture orzo pasta with onions, bell peppers, olives, banana peppers, tomato and feta cheese

Tender Steak Filet Mignon – 36.00

8oz. Certified Angus Beef served with garlic mashed potatoes and lightly seasoned vegetables

Taylor’s Chicken Marsala – 19.00

Grilled chicken breast with house seasoning, portabella mushrooms, fresh basil & marsala served over roasted garlic mashed potatoes and lightly seasoned vegetables

Serenity’s Salmon – 22.00

Salmon grilled to perfection, served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and lightly seasoned vegetables and a sesame soy sauce. Substitute for mahi or grouper for 5.00 more

Greek Chicken or Gyro Platter – 20.00

Delicious seasoned blend of beef and lamb, thinly sliced or grilled lemon chicken, and served with lemon garlic roasted potatoes, sliced pita, fresh made tzatziki sauce and Greek salad

Safa’s Vegan Trio – 15.00

Southwestern quinoa, lemon garlic roasted potatoes with lightly seasoned vegetables

Mahi with Quinoa – 24.00

Grilled mahi resting on a bed of our Southwestern style quinoa and served with a sesame soy sauce

Family Meals:

All family meals come with a tray of salad (house or caesar) along with bread and pesto!

EntreesFamily Portion for 4Family Portion for 6Family Portion for 8Family Portion for 10
Vegan Meal$51.00$72.00$90.00$105.00
Spaghetti plain or w/ meatballs, sausage, or bolognese$61.00$86.00$108.00$126.00
Chicken or Shrimp Parmesan$68.00$96.00$120.00$140.00
Chicken Marsala$65.00$92.00$114.00$133.00
Penne Rustica$82.00$116.00$144.00$168.00
Baked Spaghetti Carbonara plain or w/ chicken or shrimp$82.00$116.00$144.00$168.00
Maine Lobster Ravioli w/ Pesto Alfredo and shrimp$88.00$125.00$156.00$182.00


Salted Caramel Vanilla Crunch Cake

Our super naturally light but buttery vanilla- flecked cake has waves of caramel cake, a salted caramel crunch layer, a creamy custard layer and a caramel finish

Triple Chocolate Cake

A giant mouthful of chocolate pudding, between two layers of dark, moist, chocolate-drenched chocolate cake

Raspberry White Chocolate Cheesecake Brulée

A silken smooth white chocolate cheesecake all aswirl with vibrant red raspberry. Hand-fired and glazed in simple elegance


Clouds of light mascarpone cream on pillows of coffee brandy soaked lady fingers, dusted with sweet cocoa

Carrot Cake

Layer upon layer of moist carrot cake studded with pecans and pineapple. Finished with smooth cream cheese icing

Crème Brulée

House-made smooth custard, finished with hand-fired caramelized sugar

Chocolate Chip Cannoli

Enjoy an all-time favorite Italian pastry with a crisp shell on the outside and an irresistible thick and creamy ricotta filling on the inside. Drizzled with chocolate and dusted with sugar.